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 Here are our available adoptees!
   They are waiting for their "forever" home!



Abbey is one of our special little girls.  She is 6 years old and black/white.  She loves to play with other dogs, as well as her toys.  She gets along well with kids, too.  She came into rescue with seizures.  She was put on 2 different meds, phenobarbital and potassium bromide, but they didn't work.  The vet did x-rays and discovered a penny in her tummy.  She had swallowed it at some point before she came to us as it was really embedded in the lining of her tummy. It was corroding caustic metals into her causing the seizures.  We figure the penny was valued at $1,200 as that is what it cost to remove it.  Although she rarely has seizures anymore  she will need to remain on her medication the rest of her life.  She is being fostered in Columbus, Ohio.  Her adoption fee is $100.


Curly Sue is our "special" little deaf girl.  When she came into rescue, she had the worst ears we had ever seen.  Our vet did four weeks of treatments and they finally healed, but she never got her hearing back.  But it doesn't slow her down a bit.  She is black/white and 6 years old.  As most chins, she loves to play with other dogs and kids along with her toys.  We are still working on her housebreaking, but she does use wee-wee pads.  She also has problems with itchy eyes so she takes allergy meds twice a day (benedryl).  If you have the time and that special heart  you and Curly are meant for each other!  She is being fostered in Columbus, Ohio.
Her adoption fee is $100


Ferris was very scared when he came to us directly from the puppy mill, however he has come out of his shell. He is a very friendly, affectionate, playful dog. He's seven years old but since he is exploring the world for the first time, he acts puppy-like. He snorts when you give him affection and he loves to give you kisses. He is good at going potty outside but still has accidents. He's great with other dogs, cats, and kids. It's amazing how well socialized he's become. Ferris is also being treated for a heart murmur with a daily medication. He is black/white.  He is being fostered in Columbus, Ohio.  His adoption fee is $100.


Graham-Is the perfect picture of a Japanese Chin! He is soooo loving! He wants to love and play with just about everybody he meets. And he loves to play with toys. He is amazing with small children. He loves them...loves to play with them. Sometimes I tell the girls to leave him alone because I think he must be getting tired of them messing with him and he will go right back to them. Loves to play with other dogs! Of course, the younger ones are the most fun to play with, but he can talk any of them into playing with him. He is crate trained, and is doing well with the potty training.  Everyone who meets Graham, thinks that he is just the sweetest dog ever!!  And a super snuggler to boot!!  He is 10 months old and is sable/white.  He is being fostered in Findlay, Ohio.  His adoption fee is $400.

My name is Miss Sally. I am 5 years old and black/white.  I'm a very petite little girl who is  lovable and adorable. My foster Mom says that I love to run and play with my other  furry brothers and sisters. I follow my foster Mom everywhere she goes in hopes of more attention which I can not get enough of. Won't you consider giving me my forever home and in return I will give you my unconditional love.!!  I am being fostered in Columbus, Ohio.  Her adoption fee is $300.


I am 7 yrs old and am being fostered in Irvington, KY.  I'm a handsome black and white boy.  I love to play with any other dogs, cause I'm really perky.  I love to be loved on and I will sit in your lap all day long if you let me.  I just have one issue....KIDS...I don't care much for them.  Maybe because I want to be "THE" kid in your home and get all the loving to myself.  My adoption fee is $100.


I'm a very quiet, sweet little girl who is 5 yrs old.  I don't bark much but I like to "woo-woo".  I love sleeping and playing with other dogs.  I like to give kisses and spending time with my foster mom, I'm a little skiddish with strangers.  I really do like a quieter environment where I can blossom and show you my true self!  Mom says I'm trying the best I can with potty training, but I still need some work 'cause going outside scares me.  My foster mom says it's probably because I'm afraid I won't be able to come back into the house.  You see, I have lived all my life so far in a puppymill kennel and they don't let you go into their homes.  Won't you please adopt me and we can be best 'buddies' forever!  Renee is being fostered in Milford, Ohio and her adoption fee is $300.


Suki Su's previous owner's little girl developed an allergy to dogs and they have asked us to find her a very loving forever home.  Suki is a very cute little girl who loves to sit on your lap and be scratched.  She loves to play with her stuffed toys and especially likes to play "fetch" with them.  Suki is B/W and 5 years old.  She is housebroken.  Suki is being fostered in Columbus, Ohio.  Her adoption fee is $300.


Tillie is a shy little girl whose favorite pass time is following you around the house and laying next to you on the couch.  She is learning to play with all her new toys. Tillie gets along well with other dogs, cats, and children.  She is 5 yrs old and lemon/white.  Tillie is learning to use the "doggy" door and absorbing all the new found freedom she is receiving!  She is being fostered in Columbus, Ohio.  Her adoption fee is $300.



                                   The story of the "Peoria" 30
                                           February 16, 2009

Karen Ray and I ventured out to Peoria, Illinois to meet a friend coming from Iowa to deliver us 30 rescued Japanese Chin to rehab and prepare for their "forever" homes.  It was quite an adventure as we have never rescued this many chin at one time.  All in all, it went pretty well with one HUGE exception.  One of the chins began panting very badly, so we pulled over in Indianapolis, Indiana, and got her out and gave her some water.  Didn't help her any.... So I began to pat her face with cold difference....pretty much soaked her down with no change in her panting.  Then her tongue became dark blue, and I told Karen we had to find a vet, this chin is in trouble.  She pulled over to a gas station and ask directions to the nearest vet.  The directions were pretty sketchie, but we finally found a vet in about 5 mins time but it seemed like forever.  We rushed into the vet's office and the vet took her in and gave her some oxygen and said that she was in anaphylactic shock most likely due to stress.  I had never heard of that before.  The vet gave her an anti-anaphylactic medication and she was back to normal in minutes.  He told us if we had been 10 minutes longer, she would have died.  He gave us some medication to take with us in case it happened again on the way home.  Luckily, she was as good as gold the rest of the way.

Upon arrival to my house, the dogs were staged in the van with the Cincinnati area dogs out first.  Our fosters were there to claim their kids shortly after we arrived.  All the dogs had plastic collar bands w/their names on it and their names were also written on top of each carrier.  Sounds simple in theory, huh??  lol. Actually, it did go off pretty smoothly thanks to our foster parents:

Alba & Rachel Hurlbut
                                           Tom & Sandy Hare
                                                Joyce Kalb
                                               Pat Schmidt
                                               Connie New
                                               Ellen Hobbs
                                               Nancy Fisher
                                            Maryanne McElroy
                                              Connie Sketch

We loaded Karen's van up with the remaining Columbus area dogs and she headed on up the road.

Our timing was all thrown off and no way to really let those who had to travel a long distance to Columbus know that she was about an hour behind.  Her fosters were all parked outside waiting until Valerie Dildine saved the day and met them there and let everyone in Karen's home and entertained them for awhile.  All were very understanding and patient, even Curt & Jenny Petry, who had to travel from Youngstown down to Columbus and even had to pick up another chin (owner turn-in) in Hartville on the way down to give to Karen.....clear as mud??   Anyhow, Karen arrived and distributed all her kids out and they were sent out off into the dark of the night to their foster homes.  And, once again, the foster parents saved the day!  Thanks to them!

                                              Curt & Jenny Petrey
                                                 Valerie Dildine
                                                Delores Orender
Carla Castle
                                            Ryan & Linda Radabaugh
                                                   Lisa Hanson
                                                    Gay Stack
                                                Mike & Karen Ray
                  Pennie Major (whose chin got dropped off to her in Indianapolis)
                                                   Debbie Aloia
                                                    Becki Vieth

We at Lucky Chin Adoptions are truly blessed to have had this many foster homes step up to help us pull this off!  We love you all!!



These are their first 'mug' shots, we will put better ones up as they become less camera shy!



I am a tri-colored 8 yr old little girl and am being fostered in Canton, Ohio.  I was really underweight when I was saved from the mill, but I sure am learning how to eat now...yummy.  Next to food, I love laps..!!  My doctor said that I still have a little recovery to do before I can get my teeth all prettied up.  I hope I can get some 'veneers' to brighten up my smile!!!  Oh, and I really love to go bye-bye in the car!!  My adoption fee will be $200.


I am a black and white girl whose 10 months old and am being fostered in Indian Springs, Ohio.  I'm a very curious and energetic little girl who needs a family of her very own.  I like to play with other dogs and kids, too!!  Don't ya wanna add a cutie pie like me to your family!!  My adoption fee is $400.



I am Ashley's brother and I'm a handsome black and white 4 month old boy who is being fostered in Canton, Ohio. My adoption fee is $400.


Hi!  My name is Bella and I'm a very special little girl with special needs.  I am an epileptic and am having to deal with grand mal seizure activity right now and they are changing my medication around to find the right mix to stop them.  I know they'll make me all better soon!  When I'm feeling good, I worry my foster momma to pieces 'cause I like to jump on the back of the couch and walk around there.  She's afraid I'm gonna fall and get hurt but I promised her I wouldn't.  When I'm all better w/my seizures I would love to come live with you and be your 'special' girl!  As you can see, I'm a beautiful black and white  5 yr old and am being fostered in Columbus, Ohio.  My adoption fee is $200.

I am a four year old sable and white awesome little boy.  I'm very energetic and really love to play with kids and other dogs.  My foster mom says I'm doing really good on my potty training, too.  And I just discovered my love for furniture since I learned to jump up on the couch. I'm a very loving little boy who would like to bring more love into you home!  I am being fostered in Dayton, Ohio.  My adoption fee is $300.

This big guy is ready to find his forever home.  His house training is near complete with very few accidents in the last 2 weeks.  He is excited and happy to see us when we walk in the room..  He loves attention, belly rubs, bath time and any other time you spend with him.   He loves running around outside and playing with the kids or dogs.  He seems to have tons of energy and is perky.  There is no doubt he is a top candidate to find a great home.  I think he would do best with some people that will play with him and not just let him lay around. He loves to be involved and jump up on laps and come by to be played with.  
Boomer is 1 and  1/2 year old lemon/white boy and is being fostered in Findlay, Ohio.  His adoption fee is $350.


I am a beautiful 3 yr old sable/white boy but, I'm a very shy little guy who really wants loving but am timid at first.   My foster mom says I'm doing great on my potty training.  I like to play with kids and other dogs, too.  Can I come play at your house?  I am being fostered in Findlay, Ohio.  My adoption fee is $350.

Hello, my name is Buddy. I am a shy black/white little boy. My foster mom says that I am coming out of my shell a little more every day. I love to play with stuffed toys, the other kids and rolling on the couch. I take delight in having a full body rub. I am having technical difficulties with my potty training, but am making strides in the right direction every day. Won't you think about giving me my forever home? I am 7 yrs old and am being fostered in Delaware, Ohio.  My adoption fee is $200.


Candy is the cutest Chin. A tiny 7 yr old girl who is about as round as she is tall.  She weighs in at about nine pounds and she has a beautiful black and white coat, very thick and shiny.  Candy is beginning to walk on a leash and she loves to be held and brushed.  She gives kisses when you are holding her but she is still a little afraid of people when they are standing up and looking down at her.  Candy is only five years old and with love and patience she is going to make someone a wonderful best friend.  I am being fostered in Milford, Ohio.  My adoption fee is $200.


I am a black and white girl whose 9 yrs old and am being fostered in Cincinnati, Ohio.  My favorite pastimes are being held, being near my people, playing with kids, dogs and even cats, too.  Did I mention I love being held??!!!  Do you have an empty lap that I could fill???
  My adoption fee is $200.

 DREAMS (No Photo Available Yet)  


Gem is a very loving, seven and half year old sable/white girl.  She loves a cuddly lap and all the affection you want to give her.  Her adoption fee is $200.



Hana is a wonderful, happy, playful little girl. Hana loves to be around people and likes to explore everything around her.    She's always ready to play and play.  She is 7 years old and is being fostered in Indian Springs, Ohio.  As you can see, she's a beautiful black and white  girl.  Hana loves to play with other dogs.  She is really working hard on potty training.  Her adoption fee is $200.

Lola is one and a half years old.  She loves to play with toys.  She also loves the companionship of other chins.  She is really coming out of her shell and trusting people more and more each day!  She weighs 11 pounds.  And is a beautiful black and white little girl.  She is being fostered in Columbus, Ohio.  Her adoption fee is $350.

Lulu is a seven year old tri-color female who responds well to affection and loves to be held and give your hands kisses,  but may start out a little timid and shy until she trusts you.  Lulu loves to play outside and she's already responding to leash/halter walking.  She is being fostered in Milford, Ohio.  Her adoption fee is $200.


Opal is an eight year old sable and white female.  Her transformation from puppymill dog to family pet has been amazing.  She loves to be loved on, especially by kids.  She is good with other dogs and cats.  Opal loves her new "baby" dog toy and keeps it with her.  She loves to walk on a leash and enjoys car rides.  Opal would love it if you would take her for a car ride to her "forever" home!  She is being fostered in Napierville, Illinois.  Her adoption fee is $200.


Hi Everyone, My name is Pansy and I’m a happy, feisty, senior girl.  They say I’m eight years old but I look and act more like I’m four or five!  When my foster mom takes me out to the back yard I run around like I’m a pup.  My potty training is really going well.  I don’t know how to tell you I want to go out yet but I wait until you decide to take me out in the back or for a walk.  I like to walk on a leash and usually I behave myself but sometimes on a long walk I just sit down and then I expect you to pick me up and carry me for a while which isn’t too bad cause I only weigh about nine pounds.  I like other dogs and also cats unless they hiss and scratch in which case I’d just as soon leave them alone!  I’m very polite and will sit when you ask me to and I know when my foster mom tells me to stay I’m not allowed to run out the front door.  That was really hard for me because I think everyone who comes to the door has come to visit me and you just never know when my new, forever Mom and Dad will be waiting on the porch!  My special home would have another pet, a little dog like me would be really nice but I’m not afraid of bigger dogs if they are gentle and kind.  I like kids, again the gentle ones. I hope my new family will take me with them when they go places.  I especially like to visit the nursing home with my mom and foster brother.  My foster mom takes us in the puppy stroller and we visit all the old folks and give kisses and let them hold us and tell us how beautiful we are. Please come and visit me, my adoption fee is only $200.00.  Oh and by the way, I only have one eye.  I don’t know how that happened but it doesn’t bother me at all and I’m still beautiful, just looks like I’m winking all the time.  I'm being fostered in Milford, Ohio.



Hello, my name is Pepper. My foster mommy says that I am a sweet and loving boy. I like to be her shadow when she is home. I love to chew on nylabone keys and play a little with the other kids, but I prefer to be where my human is, just hanging out. I enjoy sleeping with my foster mom and her kids in bed. I am doing very good on my potty training. I go out with the other kids and have very few accidents in the house. Won't you consider adopting me and giving me my forever home and in return I will give you my unconditional love.  I am being fostered in Columbus, OH.  I have one bad hang-up, I don't like human kids...sorry :-(  I am 5 years old and my adoption fee is $300.


Hi, my name is Little Prince Charming. I am a sweet, but a little shy boy. My foster mom says that I am making progress in coming out of my shell. I enjoy playing with the other kids and running around. She says that I have not developed a taste for toys yet. Part of the problem could be that I have no teeth. I prefer to have my dry food with lots of water to make it soft. Won't you consider giving me my forever home?  I'm lemon and white and I'm being fostered in Columbus, Ohio. 


Hi, my name is Ralph. My foster mom says that I am still a little shy, but I love attention. I enjoy passing the time with the other kids and playing with the stuffed toys. She said that I still have a couple of issues regarding my potty training. I try, but I don't always make it out. There are times that I have a few accidents, but I am working on it and making wonderful progress. Would you consider taking me home with you and giving me my forever home?
I have a beautiful red coat and I'm being fostered in Columbus, Ohio.

I am a very shy guy who doesn't like offense...but they really scare me.  My foster mom thinks I was probably abused by a man at the puppy mill. But I do love to play with other dogs.  My foster Mommy taught me to be 'bell-trained' to go outside to potty.  All I have to do is ring the bell when I have to go outside and I'm really doing good at it.  I am a black and white boy who is 1 1/2 yrs old and I'm being fostered in Springfield, Ohio.  My adoption fee is $350.


Relaine (Lainie) is really coming out of her shell.  She loves attention and affection.  She comes when called and is getting used to going in and out with the "gang" to potty.  Lainie loves to sit and watch tv, too, becoming a real chin potato!  It won't be long and she'll be ready for her very own 'forever' home.
She is a beautiful lemon and white girl who is being fostered in Covington, Ky.  Her adoption fee is $200 and she is 7 yrs old.

Roxy is a great dog and will make someone a wonderful pet.  She is very smart.  She is a "momma's girl" right now and follows her foster mom everywhere.  At this time, she would not be good with small kids and is not very friendly with men.  She is sable and white and is being fostered in Columbus, Ohio. 


Scuttles is a pretty lemon and white female who is 7 yrs old and is being fostered in Cincinnati, Ohio.  My foster Mom is teaching me how to walk on a leash and she says I'm doing really good, too!!  I'm a very gentle girl who likes to play with other dogs and kids and cats!!  My very favorite thing is to be held like a baby  :-)  So, if you like holding your furkids like humankids, I'm the one for you!!  I do have an enlarged heart and I'm on heart medication, but I'm doing great.  My adoption fee is $200.


Sinbad is a large and lovable fella. He always seems to be smiling. Sinbad may only have one eye but doesn't miss anything.  He loves to play with toys and other dogs, too.  He is very energetic and inquisitive and just loves life!  He's black and white and is 3 yrs old.  He's being fostered in Indian Springs, OH.  He would love to come and be a part of your family.  His adoption fee is $350.


Socks is starting to feel more comfortable with his foster family but he still is kinda leery of people in general, but likes to be in the same room as her foster parents.  She has also found the fun of having "toys".  He is black and white and is being fostered in Trotwood, Ohio.  He is 9 yrs old.  His adoption fee is $200.


Sondra is a quiet and sweet girl. Always interested in what is going on around her. Her coat is soft and silky and gives her an elegant look.  She is  lemon and white and is  5 yrs old and is being fostered in Covington, KY.  Her adoption fee is $300.
Time is a pretty 8 yr old sable and white girl and is being fostered in Columbus, OH.  Her adoption fee is $200.

Tito is a 2 yr old sable and white male who is being fostered in Dayton, Ohio.
His adoption fee is $350.


Tuvak is a 2 yr old sable and white male.  He is being fostered in Covington, KY.  His adoption fee is $350.

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